Self-Care Saturdays

Take some time to take care of YOU. Join us & Fit Girl Club LA for a morning of self-care featuring FREE workouts and local vendors on Third Street Promenade. Mingle with like-minded fitness fanatics or make a trip to the celebrated Downtown Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Discover new, minority-owned local brands for unique products in the fashion and health & wellness categories.


Bring a yoga mat, towel and water for maximum enjoyment. We strongly urge participants to wear masks if you are not vaccinated against COVID-19. 

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July 31 | 10am

Cardio Sculpt with Courtney Edukugho and Burn Fitness


Cardio Sculpt is a fun, fast-paced fitness class that combines cardio exercises with muscle sculpting exercises, including the use of weights and barbells (can also be done with own bodyweight!) These fitness classes are designed to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles simultaneously, and usually consist of several different exercise formats during each, which means there is never a dull moment! Combine this with an awesome playlist and you will want to come back for more! 

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July 31 | 11am

Cardio Hip Hop with TIERTIME Fitness

Cardio Dance designed to tone muscles, develop core strength and increase balance for participants within all fitness levels. With power-driven original routines, participants reap the body shaping benefits of the sport of dance while enjoying the latest moves and tunes of Hip-Hop, Latin and Pop genres.

For more information, see @tiertimefitness.

When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class. 


August 7 | 10am

The CAKES Booty class with Katie Wildhagen

The CAKES Booty Class is the BAKESHOP®'s signature booty bands class that will BAKE your CAKES to perfection and leave you feeling energized and UPLIFTED! Using our "secret ingredient," the CAKE BAKER booty band, we target the "posterior chain" to get the results you're looking for to really make those cakes POP! Called "the answer to yoga booty and cycling butt," this class picks up where other group fitness classes leave off. Through 45min of work, you'll sweat, move and bake those cakes to perfection! Mixing together a delicious recipe of specially curated music, a community of amazing women, and a lot of YOUR energy, this class will have you coming back for seconds! Plus, we end each and every class with a *sweet treat* meditation..... cause, NamaStayCAKED ! 

For more information, see @katiecakecakecakecake.



August 7 | 11am 

Body Dada The Class with Kim Thompson


A full body barre workout that focuses on low impact, controlled movements. Class begins with a cardio warm-up then centers around precise isometric exercises and corresponding stretches that target every muscle, including the ones you rarely use, for that deep burn. You'll get stronger, more flexible, and achieve better balance while simultaneously challenging your mind to focus on each small movement. No equipment necessary for this outdoor version, 45-minute total body workout!

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When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.



August 14 | 10am

Training Mate

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August 14 | 11am
Body by Leslie


A Body By Leslie Signature Pilates Class is a high-energy experience where nothing is left untouched. Each workout is designed to be highly focused on toning, plus quick transitions for max caloric burn and energy boost! 

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When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.



August 21 | 10am

HoodFit with Erica Hood


HOODFIT is a high energy dance-inspired fitness method curated by celebrity trainer Erica Hood. With a background in professional dance, Erica focuses on energy, rhythm, and choreographed precision to deliver effective workouts that connect body and soul. Come experience her signature class which incorporates high energy dance cardio + muscle toning moves that will both challenge and inspire you. You'll want to bring your friends to this workout party! All you'll need is a yoga mat and your body. We are so excited to connect, move and sweat with you! 

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August 21 | 11am

WERQ Fitness with Creator Haley  

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When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.




August 28 | 10am

Buns Of Steen with Nicole Steen 


Buns Of Steen Booty Workout is a workout that is engineered to lift and shape that booty! The Buns Of Steen Booty Workout uses Toning, Sculpting, and Cardio to tighten up those glutes and give you a perfect butt!
Equipment Optional: Buns Of Steen® Booty Band, Buns Of Steen® Ankle Weights, Heavy weights or Milk Jugs (5lbs or more), Mat, Towel, Water

For more information visit @nicolesteenfitness.



August 28 | 11am

Power Yoga with Nicole Sciacca 

For more information, visit @nicolesciacca

When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.



September 4 | 10am 

Shakti NAAM with Alyssa Gaustaud


Join us for a super fun class that will totally rejuvenate you and make you feel like a rock star! Breathe, move, laugh, and meditate with Shakti Naam Yoga.

For more information, follow @naam.losangeles


September 4 | 11am

Ballet Bodies with Romi Rivera


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When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.


September 11 | 10am

TOWEL TONING® with Creator Virginia Biven


Towel Toning is an hour-long resistance exercise technique that simultaneously elongates, tones, increases mobility, and strengthens all muscle groups. Inspired by dance and resistance training, Towel Toning combines functional training moves choreographed to motivating music giving you a uniquely exhilarating boost of cardio all while using dynamic tension with a one-of-a-kind Toning-Towel™. 

TOWEL TONING® bands will be available to borrow or purchase. 

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September 11 | 11am 

Cardio Kickboxing with Sarit Zorano 


Get ready for a total body workout that involves utilizing multiple muscle groups to elevate the heart rate and train participants in speed, agility, and quickness. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

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When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.


September 18 | 10am

HIIT with Double Ops Santa Monica


HIIT Sessions are a combination of: strength and resistance, functional cardio with some shadow boxing and kick boxing. 
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September 18 | 11am  Let That S**t Go Yoga with @nafbabes 



Our very own Kari J. will lead you through a yoga asana voyage that is fun, vibrant and rooted in a deep sense of grounding + awareness to help you shake off the haters & step into your power. ALL ARE WELCOME! You don't already have to be happy, calm, peaceful or flexible to practice with us. Expect laughter and anatomical details & playful movement experience with kick-ass music!

For more information, click here.

When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class. 



September 25 | 10am

EDM Yoga Dance Workout with Sydney Benner


Sydney Benner's signature program Flight is a musically driven fusion of yoga and high cardio rhythmic dance movement. 

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September 25 | 11am

Yoga and Live Music with Valerie Rutka 


In this yoga flow with live music class you will be guided through a series of poses designed to energize your body, calm your mind and connect to your heart. You can expect to a physical challenge that will guide you towards finding inner strength, balance and peace within. 

For more information, visit @valerierutka

When selecting tickets, please choose General Admission 11am Class.  




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