Letter from Board Chair & CEO

It’s been an exciting year in Downtown Santa Monica, one marked by progress in many key areas. We welcomed a new, eco-friendly parking structure (with 400 additional spaces) to better serve the needs of our guests; construction on the Exposition Light Rail Line is steadily moving towards completion; the City Council approved the creation of two moderately-priced hotels that will bring millions in tax dollars to help fund critical social services our residents expect and deserve; the community is close to finalizing the Downtown Specific Plan; and construction has begun on the District’s first new movie theatre in decades.

And more is on the way. The Esplanade project will transform Colorado Avenue into a more pedestrian-friendly street that will serve as a gateway to Downtown, the Civic Center and its beautiful Tongva Park, as well as the historic Santa Monica Pier. The aging California Incline will be re-built to better serve the needs of future generations, and additional housing and commercial space will be added to further meet the city’s goal of creating a vibrant, diverse community in Downtown that is welcoming to all.  We are moving forward with infrastructure renewal and plans to better activate the northern end of the world-famous Third Street Promenade, as well as adjacent alleys, which are often the first areas our visitors and residents come into contact with when coming to Downtown.

Through it all, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM, Inc.)  and its Board of Directors have been keeping a watchful eye, working closely with our partners in the City to mitigate construction related issues that impact parking, circulation and access to and f