Getting Around

Getting Around


Walk, stroll or bike, 
It's easy to explore
Downtown Santa Monica


We strive to make getting around Downtown Santa Monica easy and efficient for visitors, local employees and residents alike. It is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles and you’ll find you can spend days here without ever having to get in a car.

Walking Map
Download a walking map of the area that shows movie theaters, shops and restaurants.

While visiting Downtown Santa Monica you can find local information at:
• Santa Monica Visitor Center, 2427 Main Street. (800) 544-5319.
• Visitor Information Cart, Third Street Promenade between Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Avenue.
• Visitor Information Kiosk, 1400 Ocean Avenue, on the ocean side of the street.
• Information directories located throughout the Promenade.

Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus provides transportation services to both the local and Greater Los Angeles areas.

Downtown Santa Monica is accessible via many Big Blue Bus routes. Get the full online schedule and route information at or call (310) 451-5444.

Big Blue Bus information also is available just off Third Street Promenade at the Transit Store, 1444 Fourth Street.

The City of Santa Monica has implemented a taxi franchise system to ensure a consistently high level of service, to meet environmental and other goals, and to reduce the overall number of taxis operating within Santa Monica’s 8.3 square miles. Only taxis from the five franchised companies can pick up customers in Santa Monica. The franchised companies are:

Bell Cab Company - (888) 481-2345
Independent Taxi Owners Association - (800) 521-8294
Metro Cab Company - (310) 444-7777
Taxi! Taxi! - (310) 444-4444
Yellow Cab Company - (877) 733-3305

Taxicabs are located on Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Avenue,  just off Third Street Promenade in Downtown Santa Monica.

To ensure taxi companies comply with the terms of the franchise, the City has a Taxi Hotline to which riders can report any issues: (310) 458-CAB4 (2224).