Downtown Santa Monica Services

Downtown Santa Monica Services



Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM, Inc.), formerly Bayside District Corporation (BDC), is a public-private management company that works in partnership with the City of Santa Monica. DTSM is responsible for advising the City on public safety, security and maintenance, and functionality of public areas.

DTSM coordinates and manages numerous marketing efforts, promotions and special events in support of Downtown Santa Monica and the Third Street Promenade.  We also collaborate with City government to address major issues impacting the area.

Operation & Maintenance

Trash Disposal
City of Santa Monica Solid Waste Division
(310) 458-2223
A bin room is located on the alley side of each of the public parking structures. A bin is available for cardboard boxes, which must be broken down before disposal. Merchants will be assessed a fine for improperly discarded items. To use bins, merchants must have a permit from the Solid Waste Division.

For Maintenance Issues on Public Property, contact:
Promenade Maintenance
(310) 458-9997 or (310) 393-8355

City of Santa Monica
Graffiti Removal Hotline
(310) 458-2231
Graffiti will be removed from commercial and residential property free of charge, usually within 24 to 48 hours. If there is graffiti on your building, the City can only remove it with a waiver/release form on file at DTSM, Inc. Contact us to fill out a form at (310) 458-0249.

Security & Safety

Santa Monica Police Department
333 Olympic Drive
(310) 458-8495

Santa Monica Police Dispatch/Emergency (crime-in-progress, life/death situations)
DISPATCH: (310) 458-8491

Homeless Liaison Program (HLP)
(310) 458-8953
The HLP team is responsible for solving issues and concerns relating to the City’s homeless population. The HLP team works closely with residents and business owners to help them protect their properties from trespassing.

Contact Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. for information on municipal code section SMMC 4.08.097(a) and signage to post on your property. The ordinance states, "Sitting or lying in this entrance between the hours of 11 p